Find affordable HVAC repairs in Newberg & McMinnville, OR

Find affordable HVAC repairs in Newberg & McMinnville, OR

Maintain the Comfort of Your Home With Planet HVAC, LLC

You don’t need to be an expert on air conditioners and furnaces – you have Planet HVAC, LLC to help with all your maintenance and repair needs. When you schedule a visit from our HVAC contractor, he’ll come out to your home to inspect your unit and correct any problems. He’ll explain his process to you while he works to help you learn about your system and the components that keep it running.

Some of the things he’ll check for include:

  • Air flow
  • Freon levels
  • Temperature splits
  • Clean coils and filters
  • Ductwork distribution
Is your air conditioner acting up? Find out what’s wrong with it and get affordable repairs from Planet HVAC. Call 503-434-6677 today to schedule repairs as soon as possible.

Reduce the risk of an HVAC malfunction with routine maintenance in Newberg & McMinnville, OR

HVAC maintenance services are the smart way to avoid potential heating and cooling issues. Before the change in season, our HVAC contractor will check hoses and filters to ensure everything is working efficiently. If he finds any issues, he will offer quick and affordable fixes to eliminate the need for repairs later on.

Prepare for the change in season and control the temperature of your home by proactively scheduling HVAC maintenance. It could save you money and aggravation down the road. Call 503-434-6677 today to schedule an appointment.