Mitsubishi INVERTER System

Mitsubishi INVERTER System

Learn about our Mitsubishi INVERTER heating services in Newberg, McMinnville & Sherwood, OR

A ductless heat pump from Mitsubishi is an excellent way to keep your house warm in all climates, but they weren't always so great. If you lived in the extreme cold, a ductless system would most likely fail since their coils were kept outside. Now, Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps use an INVERTER system. This system keeps the coil protected, so your house can stay warm in temperatures of up to -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

Planet HVAC, LLC offers comprehensive heating services in the Newberg, McMinnville & Sherwood, OR area. We'll install your ductless heat pump, complete with INVERTER technology, in no time.

4 benefits of a Mitsubishi INVERTER system

A Mitsubishi INVERTER system keeps your home warm, no matter how cold it gets. It also:

  1. Keeps your room at a consistent temperature.
  2. Heats your room faster than a traditional heating unit.
  3. Uses less energy than a traditional unit
  4. Stops using energy once the desired temperature is reached.

To take advantage of our heating services and get a Mitsubishi INVERTER system on your property, contact Planet HVAC today. We serve Newberg, McMinnville & Sherwood, OR and the surrounding area.